Frequently asked questions

What is Virgin Coconut Oil (VCNO)?
What is the difference between Virgin Coconut Oil and Copra-derived Cooking Oil?
What are the different methods of processing Coconut Oil that may affect the quality, appearance, flavor, aroma of the finished product?
What is the difference between cold-pressed Coconut Oil vs. cold-processed Coconut Oil?
What id the proposed interim quality standard for Virgin Coconut Oil?
Why is Coconut Oil also called a ""Nutriceutical"" substance?
Is the Lauric fatty acid in Virgin Coconut Oil reduced if it is processed using high temperature?
What do experts say regarding Coconut Oil - derived Lauric fatty acid and its Monoglyceride form, Monolaurin?
Why is Coconut Cooking Oil a lot more healthier than Soya, Canola, Flaxseed or other Cooking Oils?