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Coconut Republic® is a trademark of eAsia Outsourcing and Marketing Services, Inc., a company incorporated in the State of California. eAsia Outsourcing and Marketing Services maintains an office in Makati City, Philippines and in Pasadena, California USA. Our parent company in the Philippines has been in the import – export business for the past 12 years supplying Asian-made products to several wholesalers, importers, retailers in the USA and Europe.

Our world-class, coconut-based products are proudly made in the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the largest coconut - producing countries in the world, dominating the world market with its 65% supply share of some 47 various coconut products exported globally. This industry is among the Philippines’ top 5 net foreign exchange earners and continues to be a strong pillar of the economy, generating livelihood to one third of the population.

The Philippines has always been gracefully accentuated by the presence of the coconut tree. It is truly regarded as one of God’s greatest gift to the Filipinos.

To date, over 3.1 million hectares or 27 percent of total Philippine agricultural lands are planted to coconut, with more than 324 million bearing and non-bearing trees. 68 out of the 79 provinces in the Philippines are classified as coconut areas with a work force of 3.5 million coconut farmers. There are more than 12 billion coconuts harvested each year in the Philippines.

Our Farm

The Philippines is one of the largest coconut-producing countries in the world. Coconut is the country’s premier product which has largely shaped its cultural and historical landscape. This makes the Philippines one of the leading destinations for special interest and educational tours on coconut.

Coconut Republic®, a company with a strong advocacy and an expertise on the multifaceted benefits of coconut, offers tour packages to educate people, provide authentic coconut experience in the Philippines and to promote the coconut industry as a whole.

Tours come in carefully designed packages such as:

  • a walk-through tour of factories producing coconut-based products;
  • a spa treatment using coconut-based spa ingredients;
  • a stay in coconut-themed resorts - from its ambiance of sprawling coconut trees, to its rooms and other facilities to services and other amenities offered utilizing coconut-based materials and products;
  • a culinary tour featuring coconut cuisines and concoctions;
  • a shopping experience at bargain prices in one-stop-shop coconut stores exclusively offering one-of-a-kind coconut-based products;
  • a cultural experience with coconut-themed presentations and events;
  • an interactive and hands-on discovery tour with coconut-focused seminars;
  • a coconut mission trip for special interest groups to interact with government and the private sector;
  • The diverse natural beauty of the Philippines - from its coastline, indigenous flora and fauna, wildlife, dramatic mountain ranges to its simple music-loving people - makes for a perfect backdrop in truly experiencing, discovering, and learning a true coconut culture!


The Founders of Natural Food Cures

Photo of Lalaine V. Abonal
Lalaine Villafuerte-Abonal
Managing Partner
Larry Abondal - Co Founder of Natural Food Cures
Larry Abonal, M.D.
Managing Partner
Toti C. Paliza
Operating Partner
Omar P. Cantos
Operating Partner
Lalaine Villafuerte-Abonal

Lalaine Villafuerte - Abonal

Lalaine has more than twenty-one (21) years of experience as an export-manufacturer and export-trader.

Lalaine was elected and served as the youngest member of the Board of Directors and was the Public Relations Officer and Treasurer of the Foreign Buyer’s Association of the Philippines (FOBAP) from 1996 to 1998.

Lalaine is also the Founding President of the Organic Farmers and Processors Association of the Philippines (OFPAP) from July 2009 to the present . OFPAP consists of fourteen (14) community grower group members – mostly growers of organic certified coconut sap and moringa farms and processing facilities that are located all over the Philippines. OFPAP directly and indirectly provides livelihood and income generating opportunities to at least 2,000 people in the Philippines.

Lalaine co-authored three (3) books with her father, Luis R. Villafuerte, ( a former Minister of Trade of the Philippines; a former Governor of 15 years, and was also a Congressman of 9 years in the Province of Camarines Sur, Philippines)  Lalaine’s father also edited and published said books.

The book titles Lalaine co-authored with her father are as follows : 1) “MORINGA (Malunggay Philippines) (published in January 2009), a 9" x12"hard bound, 350 page; full color coffee-table book  2) "COCONUT Philippines" (published in 2007), a 9"x 12" hard bound, 550 pages; full-color coffee-table book 3)"ABACA Philippines" (published in January 2006), a 9" x12" hard bound, 300 pages, full-color coffee-table book

Lalaine Villafuerte-Abonal was the only Filipino author who made it to the Winner Circle of the US based 2009 Green Book Festival competition as an Honorable Mention winner for her 550 page, full-color book entitled “COCONUT Philippines” which is considered today as the most comprehensive visual reference guidebook on coconut and its by-products.

Other books authored by Lalaine are:

4) "101 Lessons of a Buying Agent of Foreign Companies"(published in 2001;soft-bound); 5) "IT Outsourcing Opportunities in the Philippines" (published in 2002; soft-bound).

Soon to be published book in the year 2024 , also authored by Lalaine is a soft-bound book entitled: “Coconut Sap - A Super Food” .

Lalaine exported the original and the first commercial quantity of  organic-certified and kosher-certified coconut sap-based products such as the coconut aminos seasoning, coconut syrup, coconut sugar, coconut teriyaki sauce, coconut sweet chili sauce, coconut vinegar, coconut balsamic vinegar, coconut barbecue sauce and others, mainly to the US  since 2009 to the present , in Australia since 2010 to the present and in Germany in 2011. Said export products were sold under the private labels/ brands of her buyers in said countries and were distributed in major supermarkets/ groceries, restaurants, online stores , etc.

Lalaine in the year 2024 is exporting her coconut products , this time under her own private label/ brand: Coconut Republic, a registered trademark. Lalaine's team developed the first-ever Coconut Catsup , Coconut Hot Chili Sauce, Coconut Chocolate Syrup , as well as the first-ever Coconut Fysh Sauce (Vegan) in cooperation with her Australian buyer.

Lalaine’s exclusive distributor in Europe on Feb 14,2014 bagged the prestigious WELLNESS INNOVATION AWARD 2014 in Germany  under the category of “FOOD and BEVERAGES” garnering 61.78% of the votes in its category which was the highest percentage of votes garnered in all 6 categories covering the whole range of Philippine-made organic certified and kosher certified coconut sap-based products exported by Lalaine to Europe. The WELLNESS INNOVATION AWARD 2014 is an international competition initiated by the German Wellness Association (DWV), the leading organization of the wellness movement in Europe.

In October 2011, Lalaine’s organic coconut sugar through its exclusive distributor in Europe was also awarded in 2011 the “Anuga Taste 11 Award.” The first and only Philippine coconut sugar to receive such an international award. ANUGA, is the largest food and beverage fair in the world, annually held in Cologne, Germany.

Larry Abondal - Co Founder of Natural Food Cures

Larry F. Abonal, MD

Larry F. Abonal, MD is a Co-Founder of Coconut Republic. Larry received his BS in Biological Science Degree from the University of the East, Philippines and obtained his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the Bicol Christian College of Medicine, Philippines. As a medical doctor Larry is a strong advocate for Natural Food Cures especially from tropical superfoods like the coconut and the moringa. Larry researched on the applications of coconut and the moringa for the prevention and treatment of common health problems and documented the utilization of coconut and moringa for industrial and non-industrial use. Larry is based in Pasadena, California. Larry was formerly the Administrator of Unik Home Care Agency in California, USA. He was a recipient of an international training award in 1998 on “TeleMedicine” at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences sponsored by the United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI). Larry is also a Certified Coder Specialist (CCS) and was a member of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the California Health Information Association (CHIA).

Toti C. Paliza

Toti C. Paliza  brings with him more than 25 years global experience in the Philippines, Europe, and USA. His experience intersects international trade and export manufacturing, finance and asset management, strategic design and business development. He was the owner of a B2B Export Manufacturing company in the Philippines which supplied prestigious international clients in the USA, Europe and Asia such as: Crate and Barrel, Pier 1 Imports, Federated Stores, Saks, Marshall Field’s, Liz Claiborne, Li & Fung, American Merchandising Corporation(AMC), Safeway, Euromarket, El Corte Ingles, ABM, Interio and Globus.

Toti’s core competencies and vast experience include: orchestrating skills training programs and livelihood community initiatives. He has organized and mobilized  satellite community based production facilities in Manila, Laguna and the Bicol region of the Philippines. He specializes in strategic product design and development, project management, technology and valuation analysis of investment projects that intersects the disciplines of design, business, innovation and sustainability.

Toti Paliza holds a master’s degree from Harvard University  which included course work in Entrepreneurial Marketing. He also holds a Master of Strategic Design from Politecnico Di Milano, Milan, Italy and concluded an Executive Business Management Program from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

He is based in San Francisco, California, USA where he is also currently involved in international trade, asset management, and urban development.

Omar P. Cantos

Omar P. Cantos graduated from the De La Salle University, Philippines in 1986 with a degree in Marketing Management. He first worked as a buyer at Dodwell Phils (bought by Li & Fung). He has since helped source products for international companies like Target (US), Sears (US), Eatons (Canada), De Bijenkorf (Germany), Hema(Netherlands), 3 Suisses (France), Mothercare (Australia), Notcutts Co Ltd (UK) and many more.

Aside from Omar’s varied international sourcing, buying and trading experience specifically within the scope of department stores merchandising, Omar also has extensive and several years of work experience with shipping companies both based in Manila and in the USA where he gained full and first-hand exposure to all aspects of shipping and forwarding globally traded products such as machinery, chemicals, food products and many more. His expertise also includes experience in shipping unique products overseas such as: general boxed in dry containers, frozen tuna or reefers, real coconut trees on open side containers, all kinds of coconut-based food products, moringa products and other tropical super foods from the Philippines; knocked-down helicopters and yacht on open top containers, chemicals in iso-tanks, machinery on flat racks, and many more. His several years of experience in the shipping and freight forwarding industry has truly given him an excellent knowledge about the ins and outs of international shipping and forwarding, as well as the transportation and distribution of products within the USA.

Omar’s breadth of shipping and forwarding experiences (all combines now going 26 years) coupled with his experience as a buying agent for foreign buyers have become valuable combination for import-export companies exporting and shipping products in the international market. Omar is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Natural Food Cures
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