Coconut Sugar

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The Coconut Republic® Coconut Blossom Sugar is made from 100% fresh coconut sap that is obtained from tapping the sweet sap that drips from cut flower buds of organically- grown coconuts, from the tropical islands of the Philippines. It is 100% organic, unrefined, minimally-processed, unbleached, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. It has NO preservatives and NO artificial colors. The Coconut Republic® Coconut Blossom Sugar is a wonderful, nutrient-dense, all-natural sweetener that is nutritionally superior compared to other natural sweeteners. It is filled with naturally-occurring nutrients: amino acids, minerals, vitamins, inositol, enzymes, and essential glyconutrients which are referred to as the “healing sugars”. It also contains inulin/ FOS which registers our Coconut Blossom Sugar with a low-glycemic index so you can satisfy your sweet cravings without raising your blood sugar levels.
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